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Buy a Condo in Vancouver; with Avocado Toast on the Side!

Sunday May 05th, 2019



Caught up in the midst of an amenity war, how can your condo maintain its luxurious-than-thou aura? Perhaps by cooking up a delicious incentive to bait buyers?

Not just content with offering grassy rooftop courtyards and on-site mediation rooms, A new luxury condo development in Vancouver took it up a notch – it is offering one free year of avocado toast to each of their new residents of 116 condos, ranging in price from $C399,900 for one-bedroom to $C483,023 for a three-bedroom unit.

The Kira touts itself as being “in proximity to daily conveniences like restaurants, parks, shopping, and transit,” as well as promising “spacious modern interiors, designed to facilitate the flow of natural sunlight into each home.” Expected to open this year, the millennial paradise is trying to check all the boxes with this peak demographic by adding yet another perk to their already luxurious offerings with the promise of free avocado toast to all residents for a year from any local restaurant.

Each new resident of the Woodbridge Homes’ Kira condos will receive a gift card to a local restaurant with enough cash for 52 orders of avocado toast—one for every weekend of the year. 

For the dessert, prospective buyers looking for Toronto condo for sale are alleviated from having to pay 20% of the down payment to only 10%. In an interview with the star, Woodbridge Homes president Jamie Howard said, “Saving for a down payment does require some saving and sacrificing. At the Kira project, we say you can have your avocado toast and eat it too.”

As much as this has whet our appetites, we couldn’t help peeking into the BBC’s avocado toast index. According to it, a meagre deposit for a house in Vancouver amounts to roughly 335 years’ worth of indulging in smashed avocado toast every week, or 17,421 avocado toasts in total! For just 52 avocado toasts, we suggest you don’t just base your home-buying decision on an empty stomach!



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