Best Places To Live Near Toronto

Best Places to Live Near Toronto

Tuesday Aug 23rd, 2022


The Greater Toronto Area is a mosaic of varied communities, as one might expect for such a diverse metropolis. With varying attractions and characteristics, new and old residents of Canada are sure to find the perfect neighbourhood that matches their unique lifestyle and taste.

Toronto, Canada's most populous city, is recognized for its multiculturalism and tech potential throughout the country. Whether it's for the CN Tower or a nail-biting Raptors game, tourists and Canadians alike are lured to the urban sprawl. The Six, which is rich in arts and culture, is a perfect place for individuals considering moving to the big metropolis. If you want plenty of transit alternatives, a thriving cultural scene, and the most significant professional opportunities, the Greater Toronto Area is the place to be. However, with so many lively and family-friendly neighbourhoods, deciding between Toronto neighbourhoods may be difficult.

Ultimately, your lifestyle and tastes will determine the best place to live in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area. We've created a brief but thorough overview of the many bustling neighbourhoods to help you decide where to reside in the city.

The Renowned Places of Toronto

Toronto is a dream city for young professionals and millennials because of its transportation, tech start-ups, and activities. There is no better opportunity for young folks to experience city life than when they have just begun their jobs. Convenience, hectic schedules, and a vibrant nightlife support the yuppie lifestyle, making apartment complexes and condos the favoured housing option. The increased demand for condominiums for sale in Toronto and the surrounding area is partly due to the growth in working millennials.

It's no wonder that many of these high-rise condos are popular with young adults. Not to mention, Toronto has several places to try for professionals and retirees.


Burlington is one of the top residential hubs for individuals looking to settle down with their families. This community oversees Lake Ontario and is located approximately 50km from the heart of Toronto. The GO Train allows residents to easily access transportation junctions like Union Station in only half an hour. This makes access to downtown Toronto easy and quick.

This city boasts the best possible facilities, including exclusive gyms, galleries, cultural centres, shopping malls, popular restaurants and bars, and education and business hubs. With recreational areas like lush green gardens, multiple golf courses and outdoor and indoor swimming areas, the place is heaven.

The cost of an average house in Burlington is around $700 000. However, if you opt for an apartment with a single room, it costs approximately $400,000. 


Leaside is one of the most popular neighbourhoods in Toronto. It is one of the richest and finest areas where you want to live in Canada. Leaside residents can expect a high-quality lifestyle coupled with premium educational institutions and convenient access to communication and transportation. In light of its high profile, it is not surprising that Leaside is also one of Toronto's more expensive real estate districts. 

Most of the population here belongs of British ancestry. However, approximately ten percent of the population consists of the minority section, with many residents coming from Asia and South East Asia. 

An average Leaside home with two bedrooms in Leaside will cost you over $1.1million. 


Markham lies about 17 km away from the heart of Toronto. Originally, Markham was a small, rural town in Canada. However, with the advent of rapid globalization, the city has seen significant growth, making it one of the most population-dense areas in the Greater Toronto Area today. 

Markham is one of the best areas to live in near Toronto and is a multicultural community of over 65 cultures and languages. The city is rich when it comes to parks and recreational areas. Museums filled with historical items and artifacts, art galleries, indoor bike arenas, community centers, swimming pools, shopping places, and theatres are found in Markham to enhance your living experience. Additionally, it has some prominent giants in the technology field, such as IBM, Apple, Motorola, Lucent, Toshiba and more.

When hopping for a Condo in Markham, you must keep a budget of around $850 000 for a three-room apartment. Your average two-bedroom condo will cost $600,000 in Markham. 


Oakville is a city located on the shore of Lake Ontario that combines comfort and convenience. The area is just half an hour's journey from the commercial hub of Toronto and allows a resident to experience a place rich in history, natural beauty and adventure.

Oakville has a couple of marinas for boating, several renowned schools and various parks and playgrounds. 

In Oakville, the average four-bedroom house will cost you over $1,700,000. A home with three rooms will cost you $800 000. If you want to save your pocket from the pinch, you should avoid houses and condos in Oakville's more expensive older parts, such as Morrison, East Lake and Old Oakville. 

Richmond Hill

Richmond Hill is one of the best areas to live near Toronto if you want to settle with your family. The town is just fifteen kilometres away from the centre of Toronto, with the GO train facility and YRT public transportation making travel a lot more comfortable and convenient. 

There are plenty of parks and athletic spaces to enjoy the warmer months and bring your children or pets. You can also opt to spend time with yourself in nature's lap, which stretches over 1300 acres. 

An average two-room home in Richmond Hill will cost around $600 000. However, if you want an exclusive and more modern house, you must have an estimated budget of over $1.1million. 


Vaughan is another vibrant and prosperous community that lies only twenty kilometres from the city. It is one of Canada's fastest-growing cities, with a rapid spike in population in the last decade and expected to grow further in the coming years.  

Many residents of Vaughan work in Canada's Wonderland, Vaughan Mills Shopping Centre and the commercial areas surrounding both. These include many restaurants, bars, entertainment hubs, car dealerships, and more. 

However, if you plan to invest in Vaughan, one of the best areas to live near Toronto, such a detached home, you must have a budget exceeding $1.5 million. If that does not fit your budget, you can acquire a townhouse instead by spending a little less, i.e., $950 000. 

At Toronto Condo Team, we know that buying a Toronto condo can be overwhelming and daunting. Our condo real-estate agents aim to provide friendly advice and guidance to help you make an informed decision when deciding on the best places to live near Toronto and buying your first condo

However, these are only a handful of the neighbourhoods near Toronto. You might find more suitable neighbourhoods near Toronto for your needs. Do not hesitate to contact us and convey your preference. Visit our website and start searching for your dream home now!


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