Amenities to Attract Toronto Home Buyers

Thursday Mar 09th, 2017


Toronto’s condo market is red hot with an array of options available to the homebuyers. The growing interest of investors has it all the more fancy and demanding industry in Toronto. The home buying experience is much more than buying a living space in a desired locality. It is more about lifestyle and the amenities that focus on ease, comfort and convenience.

Condo amenities have become the most sought after sales tools for developers who look forward to attract homebuyers and wave out the competition. The developers also know that by just advertising a simple sauna or a swimming pool will not help them close new-home deals rather they would need to offer facilities that complement luxury lifestyles and convenience.

Common area amenities are an extension of your living space and developers are offering a long list of tantalizing features. Below are some of the most sought after condo amenities that altered the way homebuyers think of a healthy and luxurious living. The right amenities can make the difference when it comes to closing a sale.

Let us have a look at the most sought after amenities to attract Toronto Home Buyers:


The Canada capital market is always one of the prime markets to react to any trend. Today, the developers of apartments are engaged in an amenities war to attract buyers and they can’t be blamed. After all, they are just driven by the trend set by the buyers and tenants. Here are the top most amenities that make every buyer say, “Wow, this building has all what I dreamt of!”

  1. Extravagant rooftop pools are the more popular among the amenities that attract homebuyers. These pools add an air of serenity to the buildings. Thanks to engineering advances and consumer demand, rooftop pools are proliferating.  Some condominiums even offer designated top floor for amenities that include a rooftop pool with personal cabanas and a bar. Some developers even promote this rooftop pool as a relaxation pool with infinity edge, cabana seating and lounge furniture.
  2. More outdoor space is what giving the homebuyers a kick. Living near green space is everyone’s desire. It’s not just a luxury, but an important component of any healthy lifestyle. Some of the developers in Toronto are embracing this ethos and as a result, developing a park inside or giving the residents some space to grow vegetables, etc.
  3. Another amenity which has a growing demand these days is related to storage and organization. These features included walk-in closets and separate laundry rooms.
  4. A Bike Service Station is what is what is the most sought after these days. Having bike storage is undoubtedly important but if there is an added space where the bikes can be repaired, it would eliminate the need to take along the tool kit every time any maintenance is required. A bike service station would refer to a properly defined space, a stand, tool kit, a good pump with different types of valves, and a sink to wash away the grease.
  5. Energy efficiency appliances are the top concern of Toronto homebuyers. Energy Star-rated appliances, programmable thermostats and windows with Low E glass are most sought after these days. They not only help lock in solar warmth but also help have reduced electricity bills.
  6. Catering to active lifestyle is another amenity that the Toronto homebuyers look for.  Some of the builders have taken fitness to the next level and have come up with a multipurpose court using cutting-edge LED technology. Some of the games that can be played on this court include basketball, volleyball, squash, badminton, and soccer.
  7. Gyms are no longer the exercise rooms with latest equipment but they are likely to be attached to wellness retreats.
  8. The doorstep access to a retail precinct is becoming recently popular. The residents can order groceries online and their parcels are delivered to a refrigerated area in the lobby from where they can pick up their goods via code access.
  9. A play room with the karaoke machine, the Xbox, and the giant TV to play your own Disney movies is also alluring homebuyers across the city.
  10. Some developers are even providing amenities that include residence lounges, tropical gardens, lagoon pools, concierges’ wine cellars, driving ranges, basketball courts, bowling alleys, test kitchens, cinemas, music room and libraries.

Thus, these are the amenities offered by the various developers to attract Toronto home buyers. In order to attract the potential homebuyers, the developers have gone a step ahead the floor plan and are also focusing on the out of the box amenities. The best part is, these amenities not only sound good or look great but also provide convenience and create awesome lifestyle for people of all ages and demographics. The focus is to provide the buyers with good quality amenities that can be utilized by the majority of people. We feel like developers came a long way to impress condo buyers with new and innovative amenities. As the taste of homebuyers continue to evolve, it won’t be surprising to see developers investing in even more awestruck amenities! We are curious to see what the coming years will bring!

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