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A Guide to Virtual Tours of Condos

Saturday Mar 20th, 2021


Seeing the current global pandemic situation, it is nearly impossible for the property finders to personally visit the desired property. In such difficult times, only technology can make our lives easier.

Let’s look at how virtual tours can be an alternative to personal visits.

The Need for Virtual Tours

The pandemic situation has made humanity too dependent on technology for most commercial and social projects. Property dealing is no exception. However, a virtual tour gives the closest-to-reality experience of the Condos in Toronto for the users. Moreover, it makes sure that personal visits are no longer needed to check out the property. A high-definition display and easy-to-access design of the virtual tour makes it the best supplement for personal visits during the pandemic.

Virtual tours could still be photos of the Condos for sale in Toronto or files with a 360-degree 3D view of the Condos. That is to say, from a presentation point of view, a slideshow of the still photographs of the house at times can work. DIY walkthroughs, 3D view video, live streaming of the house can make a massive difference. Meanwhile, it possesses to be a great advantage in presenting the property and having a close-to-reality experience.

Advantages of Virtual Tours

Bringing the technology to life, virtual tours have helped the condo buyers a big time. Let’s look at some of the most prominent advantages of virtual tours.

No visitors for the seller

With social distancing as the current norm, inviting strangers from outside could be a considerable risk for the sellers of Toronto condos. However, with virtual tours, you help the buyer to look at each corner of the house without you letting your house expose to people. So, it becomes a win-win situation for both.

Saves a lot of time

Buyers for Toronto condos can save time by not visiting the condos personally. On the other hand, they can experience the virtual tour of any condos they like. In addition, they can save the favorites for the personal visit later on.


The condo buyers do not have to travel from one city to the other just to review the property. If the condos for sale is at a considerable distance from their current location, they can access the virtual tours to have a quick idea about the property. What else do you need when you can sit on your sofas, and decide on purchasing the Toronto condos for sale.

Disadvantages of Virtual Tours

With so many advantages, comes a few disadvantages.

  • The buyer cannot get an idea about the actual space of the rooms. Further, the perspective view can help to an extent. But, that cannot be full-proof.
  • A touch-free experience can be a bit problematic. For instance, the buyer will not have a good idea about the materials being used in the Condos for various purposes. That is to say, they would not be able to determine the flooring or the finishing of the paint.
  • The buyer may not be at his best limits to observe the locality and neighborhood of the location.

However, comparing the advantages and disadvantages prove that virtual tours can be a great way to help with your listings. But, before you settle on the decision, here are a few more things to note.

Additional things to do along with the virtual tours

Use Social Media

Use social media platforms to research the lofts for sale in Toronto in different areas of the city. Asking the groups on social media about the locality and neighborhood will give you much clarity. You can become a group member to get in touch with the locals. Additionally, ask them questions like what kind of people stay nearby, the distance between the market and the property, etc.

Genuine Sources of Information

Property management companies like Toronto Condo Team could be a genuine source of information about the condos in Toronto. You can ask them if the building mainly contains owners or rentals or a commercial building.

Know the Area

Getting an exact idea about the carpet area of the condos for sale in Toronto is necessary. You get a fair idea about the area through the virtual tour with built-in tools. Nevertheless, observing it physically can make a huge difference.

Consider the Age

Ask more questions like when was the virtual tour recorded or how old is the recorded virtual tour? This question is fundamental as it might be possible that the things shown in the virtual tour could be years old. Later, things might have changed drastically in the condition of the condos.

That is to say, there is a possibility of damages presently, which cannot be observed in the old recording of the virtual tour. Ask about the amenities which are provided and the changes in the policies of the building, especially after the pandemic situation.

Check for Live Streaming

In case the agent from the property management site is streaming it live, ask him to open the doors. In addition, you can ask them to zoom into all the tiny details in every corner of the room. Use the amenities like showers and other things to confirm the working condition of the same.

Locate on Google Maps

Enter the location in Google Maps to explore the nearby area of the condos of Toronto. And, know about the proximity to the market and other essential spots used for social gathering.

Take Proper Care

Sanitization of the Toronto Condos should be undergone to avoid the spreading of the disease. It is best to confirm this to avoid unwanted danger in the future.

Look from the Balcony

A lot depends on the view from the balcony while selecting a condo. If a view of a highway from the balcony is not appealing, go for condos with other views. Asking the agent to record the outside view can be a deciding factor while choosing your dream place to live.


Toronto Condo Team can help you find your dream condo in less than a minute! While registering, all you have to do is enter the name of the city. Select the type of ownership, i.e., Rent or Buy, and get started with your search. Indeed, you can select your desired neighborhood on the website and explore the beautiful condos offered by Toronto Condo Team through virtual tours.

The expert team can make your search for your dream Condo and lofts easier than ever!

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