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8 Most surprising Things that Buyers Look for in a House

Tuesday Sep 29th, 2020


With a rebounding home market, comes a rebounding buyer.  Many sellers are often found wondering what a home buyer of today actually wants and what they can afford to leave behind in the light of current economic realities. Keep in mind that most people shopping for real estate today are younger, vibrant and more tech savvy than those in the past. While condos owners are generally hesitant to upgrade when the prospects of selling out crops up, home remodeling actually boosts the appeal of your house and attracts prospective buyers. Knowing what the buyers want and incorporating those aspects into your property, could go a long way in making a difference between getting multiple bids concurrently and lashing up the price or getting no offers at all! Here are the most surprising things that buyers look for in a potential property:

Uninterrupted Mobile Coverage

Bizarrely, a strong mobile and broadband connection is a huge perk for buyers and is an indispensable part of their lives. While you cannot be expected to remedy the predicament by scaling the phone masts and incorporating antennas here and there, if you have good signal coverage, remember to highlight this redeeming feature.

A Prime Location

With the costs of fuel and transportation costs on the rise, not to mention the hassles of commuting, most people prefer their house to be in a comfortable proximity to public schools, public transport links, fuel stations, mall, respectable stores, restaurants, grocery stores, hospitals, important venues and their work place. Make sure to highlight any imperative building in walking distance from your home as a potent selling point.

Spacious Kitchen

For most buyers, eat-in kitchens are a must have feature of a house, especially for families with children. It creates a nice ambience where the entire family can congregate in the morning, or at dinner and converse about the highlights of their day. Buyers are also looking for an open floor plan, where the kitchen opens up to the living room and dining area. If you have a small kitchen, consider knocking down a wall to create more space which could house a table and a few chairs.

Ample Storage

Some families have staggering storage needs and a seller should ensure that such surplus space could easily be accessible. Incorporating storage units in the garage helps to declutter the house, and keeps everything organized and neat. A garage fitted with cabinetry, peg wallboards for tools and enhanced lightening and electrical circuits, is a bonus!

Energy Efficiency

Buyers of today are constantly on the lookout for energy efficient solutions to help cut down their bills. Swapping out your old windows for the innovative energy qualified windows would help your house stand out with these buyers. These windows are equipped with an invisible glass coating, sturdier weather stripping, vacuum-sealed spaces filled with inert gas between panes, and enhanced framing materials, all of which help to curb heat transfer from the environment.

Separate Laundry Room

Most buyers would never purchase a house without making sure it has a separate laundry area. Having a separate room for the chores of folding and ironing would keep the clutter out of the entire house and is a huge perk. The laundry room should ideally be large enough to house a full sized washer and dryer, laundry supplies, a sink, storage space for folded clothes, and additional electric outlet.

Walk-in Pantry

Additional storage space in the kitchen is never unwelcome and most buyers would prefer a walk in kitchen pantry that has an organizational structure to store kitchen paraphernalia and food stores, and keep them out of sight when not needed. This keeps the kitchen from cluttering and affords more space for working.


Most buyers check during home inspections if the bathrooms are outfitted with exhaust fans and linen closets. Buyers don’t want to be involved in expensive renovations right after incurring a hefty down payment, and thus look for these convenient perks in the house.

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