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6 Reasons Condo Living is Simply Awesome

Wednesday Nov 14th, 2018


The decision of purchasing a condo, an apartment, or a single-family home is a big decision that needs to be handled meticulously, keeping all the factors in mind. All three types of abodes come with their own bevy of benefits that affect your lifestyle differently. On one hand, renting an apartment may sound like an attractive option due to its low cost and commitment, but purchasing a house affords you the promise of long-term investment or increased privacy. However, the most luxurious, hassle-free, and convenient way of living is turning out to be the condo living. 

If you are considering purchasing a condo, it is the smartest move in this era. Baby Boomers have elevated the popularity of Condos, since downsizing and moving into easily manageable homes seem like a prudent option for them. This is why Condos have surpassed the single-family homes in demand. Within a stellar condo arrangement, residents can avail total peace of mind regarding building maintenance, infallible security, an instant social network, an awe-inspiring list of club-inspired amenities, and an astounding location. Before you start checking out Condo listings in Toronto, here’s why you will be thanking your lucky stars down the road if you decide to buy a Condominium.

Revel in A Low-Maintenance Life

Living the condo life means that you are alleviated of the upkeep, repairs, and property maintenance responsibilities. You can revel in the gorgeous panoramic views of each season from your windows, without fretting over finding the time to rake leaves, mow the lawn, declutter the pool, or shovel snow. For just a simple monthly condo fee, you can enjoy the luxury of having other people see to your property maintenance for you and save cost and time running after companies to accomplish these chores on your behalf.

Enjoy In-House Amenities

A condo isn’t just a place to live. It’s a haven equipped with every conceivable amenity you could think of, just a few steps from your door. While a swimming pool sounds like a terrific addition to your outdoors, can you actually afford one? If not, you might have bidden farewell to your dreams a long time ago. Fortunately, Condos offer you a host of coveted luxuries you would have been hard pressed to get access to in an apartment building or an average house. For instance, your condominium could include a luxurious party room, a stunning swimming pool, a state-of-the-art gym, and a theatre room.   In addition, most new condominiums come equipped with stainless steel kitchen appliances and a washer and dryer. Think of it like your own personal spa or resort, without having to contend with maintenance, available space, and cost. Look up condo listings in Toronto to find just the right condo for you.

Reside in The Hottest Locations

Want to be at the hub of the most desirable and exclusive neighborhoods in the city, where your run-of-the-mill houses are exorbitantly overpriced? Want to flaunt your fancy location, proximity to exclusive golf and country clubs, swanky dining opportunities, and being strategically linked to main thoroughfares, all without breaking your bank? Since most condos are situated at the thriving heart of the city, you can start exploring cinemas, bars, specialty shops, malls, art galleries, and all the attractions that you love about your city.

Feel Safe and Secure

Living in a Condo takes all your security worries off your shoulders, which is a great news for young professionals and jet-setters working long hours. You know that your house and your belongings are looked after when you are not home. Apart from cutting-edge building security features that most condo establishments promise, such as cameras and access control, the presence of your neighbors will give you a peace of mind. Whenever you have to be away from home, you can rest easy knowing that your home is protected by constant concierge supervision and secure entrances round the clock. Check out the level of security provided by various establishments when perusing through condo listings in Toronto.

Community Living

 Living in a Condos nurtures a community feel. Get to interact meaningfully with your neighbors and grow communication and a sense of camaraderie. On the other hand, renters in apartment buildings are just strangers to each other. Interactions inevitably occur when condominium owners bump into neighbors, since the tenants are situated closely. Friendly relationships are shaped over mail boxes or when dispensing with trash. The community dynamics leads to trustful relationships. Residents who are well acquainted with each other would be more able to detect unwanted intruders. Neighborly friendships even extend beyond the buildings.

Profitable Asset

A condominium is a lucrative investment. Condos are an awesome second choice for existing homeowners. Under viable economic conditions, Investors can leverage their first principal residence to purchase condos at a much cheaper price than Toronto homes. Condos are an easier and better suited investment when it comes to renting and maintenance. Being low-maintenance, you can bid farewell to home upkeep worries, such as fixing leaky roofs or decluttering pools, which has augmented their appeal for first time buyers and second home-owners. 

 A long-term hold for condos has been proven a success for investors! Rents have increased significantly, giving investors an edge with cash flow and large appreciation. As we have witnessed in Toronto's condo market in the last 10 years, their ever-escalating profitability has been making headlines in the Toronto real Estate market. Buying a condo in a desired location may cost more, but in the long run, the end results have shown that the appreciation and demand is worth your investment. If you are solely buying for investment purposes, sit back and watch as its value rises

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