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5 Best Attractions Toronto Has To Offer

Tuesday Nov 10th, 2020


Toronto, the capital city of the Canadian province of Ontario, is an international center of business, culture, art, and finance. Toronto is also regarded as one of the most cosmopolitan and multicultural cities of the world.

The city is an eminent center of music, television production, motion picture production, and theatres. The town also includes various museums, and galleries. It is a hub of festivals, sports activities, natural, and historic sites. It has many high-rise buildings and skyscrapers. With that, it has one of the tallest free-standing structures, the CN Tower, in the Western Hemisphere.

Toronto City experiences a continental climate. The climate has considerably adapted the vicinity of the Great Lakes.

There are innumerable places to visit during your visit to Toronto. Without visiting these places, your trip to Toronto is incomplete.

Here are the five best attractions that Toronto has to offer to its tourists. Let's have a look at them.

1. CN Tower- City Place:

The CN Tower-City Place is considered the ninth tallest free-standing structure in the world. It is 553.33 m (1,815 ft. and 5 inches) tall and is located in Downtown Toronto, Ontario. Its construction was completed in 1976. The "CN" in CN Tower stands for Canadian National. It is a must-visit tourist attraction and an ideal destination for entertainment and dining. From the CN Tower, you get a 360 view of Toronto and Lake Ontario.

The Lookout Level is located at 346 m (1,136 feet). From here, you can see almost the whole of Toronto making the view mesmerizing. Don’t forget the Rocket 58 seconds. It is one of the six glass-fronted elevators that will take you to the Lookout Level. The floor-to-ceiling panoramic window walls and a beautiful all-new glass floor is simply stunning.

Imagine the view, you are looking straight down, from 342 m (1,122 ft)! Even the ones who love heights will surely need some help. An adventurous ride, this glass floor is precisely designed for all the tourists. Walk, crawl, or even jump, the glass won't break. The solid glass is five times stronger, and the dimension of the glass floor is 23.8 square meters (256 sq. ft).

EdgeWalk is one of the action-packed attractions of the CN Tower. The tourists, at the height of 356m/1168ft, can have the highest outdoor walk. It is a hands-free, full-circle walk. Make a group of six to walk. You will find a trolley and a harness system attached to an overhead safety rail.

You can travel from Aldershot or Burlington Go Station to the Tower.

2. Casa Loma-Annex:

Located in Midtown of Toronto, Casa Lama is a mansion of the Gothic Revival style. The best place for Halloween. It was constructed as a residence for Sir Henry Pellatt, Financier. Today, Casa Loma is owned by the City of Toronto and is considered to be a treasured heritage landmark. You can get down at the Dupont Station which is nearest to the place.

Casa Loma has become one of the major tourist attractions. This beautiful place acquires five acres of gardens. It is considered as a desired location for television and films.

Casa Loma has 98 rooms and covers 6,011 square meter. During your visit to this spectacular destination, take a tour of the rooms that have been decorated with period furnishings. You can climb up to the Majestic Tower and take the fantastic view of the Landscape of Toronto.

3. Distillery District Market - Distillery Area:

The Distillery District Market is a commercial & residential district in Toronto. It is located towards the east of the downtown and has many restaurants, cafes, and shops. It acts as a public square during the market days. It is known as one of the best curated weekly markets in Toronto.

One can reach the Distillery District Market Toronto Transit Commission's 121 Fort York-Esplanade bus route. You can travel from Kipling GO Station with Line 504 tram, Line 2 Subway. One can shop cured meats, handmade gourmet chocolates, artisans’ crafts, organic preserves, fresh flowers, and many more.

4. Toronto Islands - Waterfront area:

Located just to the South of Downtown Toronto, Toronto Islands are a chain of 15 small islands in Lake Ontario. One can take a 13-minute ferry ride from Downtown Toronto to reach Toronto Islands. This is one of the most recreational destinations you can ever enjoy.

If you are travelling with your family and kids, do not forget to visit the Centre Island. It features bike paths, picnic places, gardens, and much more. One can take a boat from Jack Layton Ferry Terminal for the Island. You can even travel from the subway to the Union Station.

From kids to adults, anyone can find a way to engage themselves at this spot. Swimming beaches, sports facilities, a boating marina, grassy fields for picnics, and similar other places make your journey a memorable one.

This Island is home to four yacht clubs. You can't miss the Far Enough Farm that is located to the east of Centreville Park on Centre Island. It has over 40 different species of farm animals and birds. It is free to visit. To add to that, you cannot miss the Gibraltar Point Lighthouse. Located at the Great Lakes, it is one of the oldest LightHouses.

5. Dundas Square-Downtown East Condo Area:

Dundas Square is the central hub of Downtown and is a public square. It aims at attracting both the residents & the tourists for celebrating Toronto.

Dundas Square conducts community celebrations, concerts, theatrical events, etc. This place brings more life and joy to the beautiful city. The street hosts numerous events, including large and small. You can see free weekday concerts, movie screenings, during the summer months.

If you find a day with no events, the square turns into an open place for the public to enjoy. If you are moving from North or South, you can take the Yonge subway line. Take an exit at the Dundas subway stop. Also, you can take the 505 Dundas East or West Streetcar and take the exit at Yonge Street.

Overall, Toronto is a beautiful place and the best destination for your holidays. The city is connected through lakes, canals and rivers with the Atlantic Ocean. Upon visiting Toronto, you will find that it is a culture-rich place. To enhance its beauty, there are many sceneries, and historical buildings.

The city has made traveling convenient with an excellent bus system and streetcar services.

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