What to Look for in your Dream Luxury Condo Unit?

Thursday Jan 10th, 2019

luxury condos toronto

Luxury condos in Toronto evoke the image of a hefty price tag and sheer opulence. While that is the general opinion, it doesn’t even begin to cover its defining characteristics. For instance, the location of the condominium building itself has repercussions on how customers perceive it and influence its ultimate price tag. City Condos have reached an unprecedented height of popularity in the recent era, due to their proximity to social amenities. In order to lure in buyers, developers... [read more]

Why is Yorkville a Haven for Condo Owners?

Tuesday Dec 04th, 2018

Yorkville Toronto

As one of the most dynamic neighborhoods of Toronto, Yorkville is synonymous with fine dining restaurants, haute couture fashion, elegant boutiques, luxury condominiums, and an endless bevy of exotic cars zooming through the streets. What was once construed as the home of Toronto’s alternative counterculture lifestyle and original indie music scene with its coffee houses, counterculture ideals, and bohemian clubs, is now sprawling with designer boutiques, commercial office towers, and... [read more]

Our Top 5 picks for Luxury Condos in Toronto

Thursday Mar 09th, 2017


Toronto’s condo market is red hot and it is no surprise that it has been alluring investors for a while. The massive amount of funding from the investors has definitely opened the options of a rich luxurious living space. A variety of luxurious lifestyle options and amenities for those who can afford has spread all over the Toronto in the form of Luxurious Condos and Lofts. If you are searching for one such luxury condo in Toronto, Toronto Condo Team is the option for you. We have the... [read more]


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