12 Reasons to Invest in Toronto

Monday Jan 3rd, 2022

Toronto South Core Condos

Toronto is a rapidly growing world-class city, finding itself in the line similar to grand cities such as London. San Francisco and NYC. You may think that it is too real to be true. But, the Toronto real property market is likely to grow in the coming years. If you've been asking yourself if investing in Toronto condos for sale is worth the risk? Yes, it is. We will tell you the top 12 reasons why investing in luxury condos can surely benefit you. Robust Economy Within North... [read more]

How Small Are Micro-Condos and Should You Buy One?

Tuesday Jan 18th, 2022


Minimal design aesthetics, economized lifestyles, and sky-soaring real estate prices continue to fuel the shift towards micro condo trend. These ultra-small and intricately designed properties are mostly popular with students and young couples. Even though living in such cramped quarters isn’t everybody’s cup of tea, shoebox housing is the only way most people can afford an efficient living solution in a desirable inner-city location. If you are thinking what a micro-condo... [read more]

What is Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI)?

Friday Dec 24th, 2021

Toronto Condos For Sale

You are now able to view your newly purchased Toronto lofts. It doesn't matter at what stage in the sales process the unit was purchased, it's quite normal to have waited around four years for this moment. You entrust the builder with the completion of your unit according to the standards and requirements you specified in the contract when you sign the APS (Agreement of Purchase or Sale). So, there is no way you can predict if anything could go wrong with a property purchase.... [read more]

Should you rent or buy a Condo in Toronto?

Thursday Dec 16th, 2021

Toronto Condos

Tired of renting and moving from one condo to another? Thinking it might be a better idea to buy a property, that is if you can afford one in Toronto's red-hot housing market? The debate of renting vs. owning has been raging on for a long time, but there is no right answer. It all depends on your financial health, your requirements, and your circumstances. Is your life stable? Is your job stable? Is your employment stable? A lot of factors determine your real estate decisions. In the... [read more]

East Harbour Downtown Toronto

Tuesday Dec 7th, 2021

Toronto Condos

The area on the eastern side of Toronto's waterfront has been left untouched for years. But, that is about to change, thanks to the city's efforts in collaboration with famous real estate developers. East Harbour Downtown is one of the most interesting new initiatives. It brings the volume of employment, transit, and retail. Moreover, to the east of the downtown core, it looks forward to playing a key part in changing the city's lakefront. Thus, it would be one of the top-notch... [read more]


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