Do You Pay Property Tax On A Condo?

Wednesday Mar 30th, 2022

Toronto Property Tax

Owning a condo in Toronto is a dream that we all share. With the amount of space they offer, world-class amenities and facilities, 24/7 security, and proximity to urban areas, you cannot match the level of luxury available at one's disposal. Although many buyers are cautious when signing the sales agreement, they ignore other documents, considering them too taxing to understand. Additional fees and taxes, such as prevailing property tax rates, are essential fees to understand to keep... [read more]

All you need to know about the Land Transfer Tax in Canada

Friday Nov 9th, 2018

Toronto Land Transfer Tax

  Land transfer tax is a tax you have to pay to the provincial government upon the purchase of a new home or a piece of land in Canada. The tax depends upon the rate of the property being bought. The tax is levied on buyers in all provinces of Canada with the exception of two: Alberta and Saskatchewan. The tax is a percentage value that applies to the rate of the property and is due upon the closing of the transaction. You can use Land transfer Tax calculator to find out the total... [read more]


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