Advantages of Living in Toronto Lofts

Monday Jun 26th, 2017


Lofts Feels More Open: One of the best focal points of living in a loft is the way that the roofs are high to oblige for the space region. High roofs make the space feel open and extensive something you won't really find in a customary condo design. As a rule, hang style lofts likewise have various windows. If you don't care for feeling shut in, a space style loft gives you the light and breezy surrounding. 2.  The Loft Has a Unique Feel: If you have ever been in a... [read more]

Things to Consider before Investing in a Loft in Toronto

Sunday Jun 04th, 2017


With an increase in real-estate options in Toronto, the market for them has also grown substantially, leading to a considerable increase in the number of people buying Lofts. As attractive as the investment may seem, there are dangers along the road to buying a property if you don’t have the right knowledge to make a wise judgment. A lot of things need to be considered to ensure that you don’t pour all your hard-earned money down the drain. Having the correct knowledge may not just... [read more]

Coolest Lofts and Condo Spaces around The World

Wednesday May 31st, 2017


Condo or 'Condominium' is basically a real estate area constructed and divided into units owned separately. It is most commonly built in the form of apartment buildings, but stand-alone detached condos are also constructed. Lofts on the other hand describe an upper story apartment present right under the roof. Condos are considered as highly luxurious apartments that are more comfortable and so are the condominium lofts. Often, we get to see luxurious and high-end condos and... [read more]

A Royal Welcome to King West Village The Town Of York & Forerunner Of Toronto

Saturday Mar 11th, 2017


The British and French connection cannot be overlooked in this peaceful locality. Victorian buildings and cobbled pathways bring back a slice of history. King West Village once could boast the military barracks of the Town of York. This same place has the distinction as the forerunner of Toronto city and it is no surprise that the King West Village is behind the naming of New York City as well. Do you sense the remnants of the Royal Army down the lane?  The beautiful neighborhood park... [read more]