Tips To Make Your Condo More Remote-work Friendly

Saturday Jan 23rd, 2021

Toronto Condo

Since the onset of the pandemic, out condos are doubling as our offices, boardrooms, gyms, coffee shops and classrooms. However, when you are already pressed for space, finding a dedicated space to work can be quite a challenge. Especially if you if you live in a small condo or with multiple roommates and the only space you have is your bedroom, it can be all the harder to create a friendly work-space that is conductive to productivity. Creating a workspace in a small condo needs a... [read more]

5 Space-Saving Furniture to Make Your Condo Look Bigger

Tuesday Dec 29th, 2020

Toronto Condos

Looking for furniture for small spaces can be complicated and confusing. With so many furniture options available to you, furnishing your stylish Toronto condos can take a great deal of time. And with the right furniture, your condo won't fail to amaze anyone! It may be very elusive to get the right "look" for a little area. You need a design that looks beautiful and interactive. With the contemporary furnishings available, it's tenable to have excellent designs that... [read more]


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